Bids open for GEOSTATS2020

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As is customary, during the General Assembly of the International Geostatistics Congress, presentations will be made by the representatives of the candidate institutions to organize the next congress. The next venue will be selected by those participants present in the Assembly. Prior to that, any institution interested to host the conference should submit a short proposal to the organizers of the current congress. All received proposals will be made available to the participants, prior to their defense before the Assembly. There are no rules on the length or content of such a proposal. As an example, you may look at the proposal used to bid for Valencia, here.

Please, submit your bids using the form in here.

While you think about whether you should apply or not, you can watch this lapse time video by Jon Ander Pazos of some of the most emblematic buildings of Valencia:

Valencia from Jon Ander Pazos on Vimeo.

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