Welcome to the only technological university in Spain to feature in all the world university rankings. Welcome to 600,000 m2 of comprehensive training; to preparation for the world of work; to effort, to innovation, to entrepreneurship; to internationalization and to social and environmental commitment.

An endorsement that opens doors both within and beyond our environs. The university has partnerships with institutions in 50 different countries. Allowing students to complete their studies in the best universities in the world, or to undertake their first work experience in another language.

It’s the place where it all happens. The 1,600 scientists and 400 support staff who work there are surrounded by cutting-edge technological equipment. The European Space Agency information facilities; the germplasm bank; the immersive neurotechnology lab; and so much more… . A unique model of competition based on cooperation.

the UPV is among the universities with the highest revenue from competitive research: from R&D contracts, consulting and service delivery to technology licenses and spin offs. It is also the national leader in patent exploitation.

managed in an efficient and sustainable way, as well as outstanding sports facilities. The campus is car-free, with more than 125,000 m2 of green spaces, cafés with terraces, bank branches and shops.