It is official!

Jaime in Oslo
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The tenth International Congress of Geostatistics will be held in Valencia in 2016, tentatively the first week of September. In the picture, Jaime bidding for Valencia Geostats2016 in Oslo on June 14, 2012.

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  1. LinkedIn Groups
    Group: Geostatistical Association of Southern Africa
    Subject: Announcement from Geostatistical Association of Southern Africa: Danie Krige
    Dear Friends,

    Apologies if this is the second announcement you receive from GASA.

    It is with sadness that I inform you that Danie Krige passed away peacefully on Sunday morning, 3rd March 2013. He will be missed by us all.

    On behalf of GASA, we wish to convey our sincerest condolences to his family in this time of sorrow.

    His funeral will be held at the Constantia Kloof Dutch Reformed Church, Liebenberg Road, Constantia Kloof at 11:00 on Friday 8th March.

    Kind regards,
    Posted By Hein Bouche

  2. Here is an event that may be interesting to all Colleagues at OCP Group!

    Geostatistics 2016! It will be in Valencia! I ve noticed that many Networks are Tracking the Event!

    I hope we will be there with many many colleagues from OCP Group, Ecole des Mines, Saudi Aramco, and all my Former colleagues following Geostatistics.

    I also wish that OCP lead the way in sponsoring a Large Stand of Moroccan Wealth in Math making Geostatistics an
    Easy game for any High School Student or University Student depending on ‘from where he catches the ball’… A soccer game between Data.:)


    Mustafa Touati
    Rabat, Morocco

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